Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning

Jerrys brother, Chad and his daughter, Grace spent Easter with us this year and it was a lot of fun! The easter bunny hid the kids baskets and left them notes where they could find them. They thought it was so much fun. Saige's note said to look in the place where we cook chicken nuggets...

She loves to tell people that he hid it in the 'microwabe'

She better watch out or Bozley might eat her candy!

The bunny left a note for Jaxson that said to look where mommy washes clothes...

The kids had so much fun finding easter eggs. We found them all once and then the kids kept asking me to hide them so they could find them.

We hid the eggs quite a few times and by the time we were done they had been dropped a number of times so they had cracked shells and the dogs had their fair share of lickin them

I was kidding around and asked Jerry if he wanted me to make deviled eggs out of them and he looked at me like 'Are you kidding me?'

Oh... and of course... Saigie in her dress up!

Thanks Easter Bunny! We had tons of fun at all the grandmas and grandpas we visited and got way too many goodies!