Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't mind the date!!

So since I slacked for about six months on the blog, it's a catchup all on Feb 1st! I am going to try to keep it updated from now on, but at least you can see what we have been doing for the past 6 months! I hope you enjoy!

Church Ball at its Finest!

Randy and Jody invited Jerry and Chad to come play church ball while Chad was here. They had a great time and Jerry has actually been playing with them since. I took a few pictures and had to post them. It was fun watching them all three play together. Oh and Zac was the ref which made it even better!

Jerry rockin it!!
Good game guys..

All four of them....

I got it guys!!

What's everyone lookin at???

I think this is called a foul Jer.. Zac, blow that whistle!!

Nice follow through babe... ;)
Until next time boys..

Lets make Sugar Cookies!

Chad, Gordon, and Grace came out to visit for a week in January. It was so nice having them to visit. That same week, Ava's babysitter was out of town so I got to babysit her all week long. We had a lot of fun all week long and on one of those days we decided to make sugar cookies!! I usually only have two kids helping when I make cookies and this time I had five, and I promise the mess was five times as big but also five times as fun!

Jaxson and his 'beautiful smile'!

Ava and her big cheeser!

Saigie Baby..
Grace and one of her many silly faces!Frosting and sprinkles! Let the mess begin!


The pictures look a bit redneck-ish but hey... the kids loved it and still ask every day if we will pull them around in the backyard. That's what happens when you have no backyard.... you can pull the sled with the 4-wheeler and it doesn't matter!

Next time it snows... come on over.. We'll let you try it out! Me and Jer both had a ride and it was actually pretty fun!

Jaxson's 4th Birthday!!

Jaxson turned 4 on December 26! He was SO excited for his party this year. I took him to Soelbergs to pick out his own cake and he was dead set on Mickey Mouse. Every page we turned in the cake book he wanted that cake. We finally narrowed it down and he picked the 4-wheeler cake. On the way home he says "Dad is weally going to love my cake." Jaxson loves his dad!! He goes wherever Jerry goes and when Jerry has to work, he hates it. He is growing up so fast though. I can't believe that he goes to school now and is so independent. He tells me all the time, "I got it Mom, I don't need your help." He is a great brother to Saige, (most of the time) and loves to bake with mom. He is the pickiest eater you will ever meet and loves root beer floats. He is great at his letters and numbers and he loves learning them. It's amazing to see everything his little mind soaks up. We love our Bubba.

Presents.. Presents.. Presents..

He loves Handy Manny!

He had a great day, although he can't wait til he is five because then he knows he can ride the school bus and he just can't wait, but I think I can!! Love you Jax!

Tis the Season

The Christmas season started with our trip to Oregon. We got to stay for almost a week and had a great visit with the family. While we were there, we visited Reindeer Ranch and Jaxson got to feed Santas reindeer!
Grams Harris had a Christmas party and Santa came to visit. He picked Jaxson to be his little helper and get each present out of his sack as the kids sat on his lap. Jaxson did great.

Saige wasn't sure about Santa so I had to sit on his lap with her.

All the kids..
CHRISTMAS MORNING!! Looking back, I didn't get very many pictures but I do have a few. The kids got new four-wheelers and lots of toys. They had a great day!

Saige thought the buckle to her helmet went on her nose! It was pretty funny!

Another great Christmas. They come and go way too fast. Jaxson is already asking when Santa is coming back and knows what he wants. As for me... I can wait.. ;)

Family Pictures

So after months of trying to get Jerry to do family pictures, he suggested that we go to the canyons and do them which was a great idea! They turned out great and we had a lot of fun doing them!

What a little stud!!

Princess Saige

We tried to get one with the dogs, Bozley and Zoie, but it didn't turn out too well.

Saigie's 2nd Birthday!

On November 11, our little Saige turned two! Our baby is getting big! She definitely has a mind of her own. She is alot like her dad in that she is such a little jokester and tease. It is her favorite thing to steal Jaxsons toys and run around laughing with him chasing behind her squealing like a girl. She also is becoming very girly... she loves all the princesses and purses. She told everyone that she wanted a "Bawbie" for her birthday. Saige has the biggest smile and a little tender heart. We love having her in our family and couldn't imagine life without her!

Grandma Pam bought a princess cake for her birthday and she loved it!

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you..

Saige loves her earrings.. She could never have too many!

Grandma Nora bought her princess shoes so she changed into a dress right then and had to wear them!
I think she had a great day! It was a lot of fun for her and next year will only get better! Happy Birthday baby girl!