Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Fun!

I went back to work this week, which has been a huge change for me since I have been home with the kids for almost four years! I am working at my brothers company Extend Health selling health insurance. I really like it so far, but I do miss the kids. I miss them a lot more than they miss me!! Its only a seasonal position so it ends at the end of December and then I will be home again. But... aside from that, we still have had a lot of fun this summer. Here are some new pics of the kids having fun.

This is a picture I took after Kaitlyn buried them in the sand. They loved it and love when Kaitlyn helps babysit them!

A couple weeks back, we hopped on the four-wheeler and went for a ride to the dam. That is one of the good things about where our house is, we can hop on the four-wheeler and can go anywhere in the mountains without having to go on any roads!

Last Sunday we celebrated Papa Pauls birthday with a slip and slide party! It was a lot of fun. It started out with just the kids playing in the water but soon all the adults were wet too! Out of all the adults me and my dad got it the worst. The kids would not leave him alone and Uncle Chris kept telling Jaxson to get me. It was fun though.

This is saige trying to spray her daddy but doesn't know how!

Here is Jaxson getting the water... dad is the target....

He shoots and scores!!! A couple times!!

She loves pepsi, just like her momma!~

What a fun day! and the kids slept great that night! There is nothing better!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

The Fourth of July turned out to be a good day. Jerry had to work the night before so he didn't get to go to the parade with us, but we still had fun. Jaxson loved the 'little' horses. They both ate their candy as fast as they were catching it!

After Jerry woke up, we took the kids to the park. I have to have a navajo taco every year and Jerry loves to look at the old cars in the car show. And, of course, the kids had to ride the rides.

After the park, we went to my dads for a BBQ and the kids had a blast. We left with Jaxson soaked so we had to go home and change before fireworks. Oh.,. and he caught a leaf bug of some sort..

Grandma Pam bought the girls matching dresses and they looked adorable!

Fireworks at the school is a must every year. The kids had fun playing before they started and then they loved watching them.

It was another great year. Great weather, good food and lots of fun. I can't wait for next year!

Friday, July 3, 2009

7 days of fun!

Jerry just had his 7 days off from work and we had such a great time, I had to share. It started on Friday (Day 1) and we spent the day working in the yard. The kids loved riding on the tractor with daddy!

Saturday (Day 2) we went to the Arts Festival.

Sunday (Day 3) we took a ride up Middle canyon in Tooele and looked at the Kennecott copper pit. It was absolutely beautiful and of course, I forgot the camera!
Monday (Day 4) we took the jeep top off and went for a ride up South Willow canyon and had a picnic. This time, I remembered the camera!

Jaxson loves catching any kind of bugs. This one happens to be a grasshopper. Then that night we had a BBQ with some friends so it was a reall y good day.

Tuesday (Day 5) was alot of fun for Jerry who went riding his new dirtbike with his friend Shane.

Wednesday (Day 6) we took Zac to Raging Waters with us and had alot of fun! The good part was that it wasn't busy at all! I couldn't believe how much Jaxson loved the big slides!

We only stayed about 4 hours but that was plenty for the kids, they were pooped!

Thursday (Day 7) Aunt Jody had invited us to the zoo a week earlier so we were looking forward to it all week. I didn't bother to check the weather thinking it would be warm since it is July. We made it through a couple animals and it started pouring! We hid out in the monkey building for awhile and then we made a break for it. The kids loved playing in the rain though! They thought the zoo was wonderful!

The day started like this......

And ended like this..........


We had a great week while Daddy was home and look forward to the next 7 off!