Monday, April 5, 2010

Disney on Ice

I decided to take the kids to Disney on Ice at the last minute. Jerry had to work so I talked my mom into going with me and we had a good time. The show was really good except I thought they could have spent more time with Lightning Mcqueen and his crew. I had Jaxson so pumped about seeing them and then they were only out for like 5-7 minutes. Aside from paying $20 for cold fries and drinks that got spilled as well as the expensive souvenirs, we had a great time! If you ask Saige who we saw at the show she says..."Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald, Tinkerbell and Hot Dog" She calls Goofy, Hot Dog! Not sure where she came up with it but I laugh every time I hear it!

I snapped this next picture right as Mickey and Minnie came out and he thought it was so awesome! His smile could not have been any bigger!

Grandma Pam and Saige

Mommy and Jax.